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Once again the truth is:

The cost of health insurance may be high even if you don’t go to the doctor often.   Are you realizing not buying health insurance because of the cost is a gamble that you might end up losing if you get injured or seriously ill.  

“The biggest benefit is to have financial protection and the peace of mind of knowing that you can get access to affordable healthcare when you need it,”

“You might be hesitant to see a doctor even when it’s medically necessary because you don’t want to or cannot pay for costs out-of-pocket.”

If your employer offers a health insurance plan, that’s likely your best bet to get affordable coverage. The federal government requires many employers to offer this benefit to their full-time employees. Some even help cover the cost of the monthly premium.

If your employer doesn’t offer a group health insurance plan, however, we can help you review plan available in your area.  J.P.M Insurance services can help you review health insurance plans that qualify under the Affordable Care Act.  This Agency can help you shop, consider your healthcare needs and search for the policy that best fits those needs within your budget.

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